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ZurückWeiter. Willkommen bei! Der American-Football Ausstatter in Deutschland! Frankfurter Straße 1, Kelkheim. Tel.: German Football League Nord Gruppe Nord. Platz, Logo, Team, Team, Punkte, TD, Gesamt/Heim/Auswärts. 1. Düsseldorf Panther, Panther, , Die Football League One (weitere Bezeichnungen: League One (Kurzform) oder Sky Bet League 1 (offizieller Sponsorname)) ist die nach der Premier League.

Seasons run from August to May. Teams play 38 matches each playing each team in the league twice, home and away , totaling 38 matches in the season.

Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, with a few games played during weekday evenings. Play is regularly suspended the last weekend before Christmas for two weeks before returning in the second week of January.

Ligue 1 was inaugurated on 11 September under the name National before switching to Division 1 after a year of existence. The name lasted until before switching to its current name.

With the presence of 69 seasons in Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille hold the record for most seasons among the elite, while Paris Saint-Germain hold the league record for longevity with 45 consecutive seasons from until at least The current champions are Paris Saint-Germain , who won their seventh title in the —18 season.

The league has been won on multiple occasions by foreign-based club AS Monaco , which makes the league a cross-border competition. Professionalism in French football did not exist until July , when the National Council of the French Football Federation voted —20 in favor of its adoption.

Professionalism was officially implemented in In order to successfully create a professional football league in the country, the Federation limited the league to twenty clubs.

In order to participate in the competition, clubs were subjected to three important criteria:. Jooris feared his league would fold and proposed it become the second division of the new league.

Eventually, many clubs earned professional status, though it became more difficult to convince clubs in the northern half of the country; Strasbourg, RC Roubaix, and Amiens refused to accept the new league, while conversely Mulhouse , Excelsior AC Roubaix , Metz , and Fives accepted professionalism.

The 20 clubs were inserted into two groups of 10 with the bottom three of each group suffering relegation to Division 2.

The two winners of each group would then face each other in a final held at a neutral venue, which later turned out to the Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir.

Antibes, the winner of Group B, was supposed to take part in the final but was suspected of bribery by the French Football Federation and was forced into disqualification.

After the season, the league decided to retain the 14 clubs and not promote any sides from the second division. The league also agreed to change its name from National to simply Division 1.

For the —35 season , the league organized a legitimate promotion and relegation system bringing the total tally of clubs in the first division to The number remained until the —39 season.

Because of World War II, football was suspended by the French government and the Ligue de Football Professionnel, although its member clubs continued playing in regional competitions.

During the "war championships", as they are called, professionalism was abolished by the Vichy regime and clubs were forced to participate in regional leagues, designated as Zone Sud and Zone Nord.

Following the conclusion of the war and the liberation of France , professional football returned to France. The first division increased its allotment of clubs to This number remained until the —66 season when the number was increased to In , the league changed its name from Division 1 to Ligue 1.

There are 20 clubs in Ligue 1. During the course of a season, usually from August to May, each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 38 games, though special circumstances may allow a club to host matches at other venues such as when Lille hosted Lyon at the Stade de France in and Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw.

No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference , and then goals scored. At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned champion.

If points are equal, the goal difference and then goals scored determine the winner. If still equal, teams are deemed to occupy the same position.

If there is a tie for the championship, for relegation, or for qualification to other competitions, a play-off match at a neutral venue decides rank.

Previously, the league utilized a different promotion and relegation format. The league has also experimented with a "bonus" rule.

From to , a rule rewarded teams scoring three or more goals in a game with one extra point, regardless of outcome, with the objective of encouraging offensive play.

The experience was ultimately inconclusive. At the start of the —07 season , the league introduced an Attacking Play Table to encourage the scoring of more goals in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

The LFP, with the help of the former manager Michel Hidalgo introduced the idea to reward those teams who score the most goals.

The table was similar to the previous idea, but was independent from the official league table and clubs were only rewarded with monetary bonuses.

The third-placed team enters in the third qualifying round. If both of the cup winners qualify for Europe through their league position, the fifth- and sixth-placed teams in Ligue 1 will qualify for the Europa League.

A total of 76 clubs have played in Ligue 1 from its foundation in the —33 season to the start of the —12 season. Paris Saint-Germain is the only club to have not suffered points relegation.

They earned promotion to the first division for the —75 season and has not faltered down since. Paris Saint-Germain was administratively relegated by the league following its split from Paris FC in , but returned to the top flight two seasons later.

The following 20 clubs compete in the —19 Ligue 1 season. The mission of the DNCG is to oversee all financial operations of the 44 member clubs of the LFP, develop the resources of professional clubs, apply sanctions to those clubs breaking the rules of operation, defend the morals and interests of French football in general.

The prominent reason for the rise was mainly associated with the television rights deal the league regularly signs.

Excluding Paris Saint-Germain , many of the top division clubs are extremely healthy with clubs such as Auxerre , Bordeaux , Lille , and Lyon being referred to as "managed to perfection".

In terms of world football, clubs Lyon and Marseille are among the richest football clubs in the world and regularly feature in the Deloitte Football Money League ranking of football clubs by revenue generated from football operations.

This list contains the champions from the professional era —present. Bold indicates clubs currently playing in —19 Ligue 1.

Leicester confirm Tielemans loan deal - Silva moves other way. Gueye stays at Everton as Bolasie exits. Markovic joins Fulham as Kamara leaves.

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We believe in Martial - Solskjaer. In case you missed it. Crouch, 38, signs for Burnley as Vokes goes to Stoke. Benzema double helps Real Madrid into Copa del Rey semis.

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